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Stainless steel alloy is a ductile material with a high tensile strength. This means that when stainless steel is used to construct swimming pools and spas, it will not crack nor become brittle with age. High grade 316L stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, ensuring structural integrity even when subject to harsh water treatment chemicals and extreme weather conditions.

Innovez stainless steel swimming pools and spas are fully welded using Tungsten Insert Gas (TIG) welding techniques. This results in a rugged, single-unit system that is absolutely watertight.


Stainless steel offers greater design freedom. With one of the highest strength to weight ratio in building materials, stainless steel is ideal for elevated pool installations. Rooftop or cantilever applications would require less hefty structural supports, thereby achieving a more streamlined silhouette.

Stainless steel is also highly malleable for easy manipulation into various shapes and sizes. The same range of conventional finishes such as tiles and liners can be applied on stainless steel pools. Alternatively, stainless steel pools can be polished for a mat or gloss steel finish.


Innovez stainless steel pools are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated for a perfect custom-fit solution that caters to the structural, engineering, design and construction conditions of each project. The pre-engineered and pre-fabricated process enables pre-emptive action to onsite challenges, reduces the margin of error and the costly delays that comes with rectification works.

With pre-fabrication, sections or the entire unit of the pool enclosure can be welded, assembled and plumbed offsite. The sections are then transported to site for installation according to a closely monitored construction plan. This speeds up the construction process, mitigates onsite downtime, manages site space constraints and maximises labour efficiency.


Stainless steel construction eradicates the typical problems that beset conventional pools. Cracks, joint failures, deteriorated waterproofing – these invariably compromises the water-tightness of the swimming pool and result in hefty water bills and water leakage into areas below. A fully welded stainless steel structure will ensure that the swimming pool never leaks.

This presents long-term cost savings on concrete repairs, re-waterproofing and re-tiling works as well as rectification for any associated damages on the surrounding areas of the swimming pool.

How Can We Help You With Your Pool?



Innovez stainless steel pools are all custom designed according to the clients’ requirements. Our team works with the architects and consultants to develop initial concepts and provide pricing estimates.

Upon determination of the design concept by the client, we provide a thorough priced proposal which comprises plans for the project’s design, engineering and construction.

Working closely with architects and consultants, our engineers develop detailed CAD shop drawings, troubleshoot potential issues and workshop the best solutions possible – all before commencing onsite.

Fabrication drawings are developed with a high level of detail – down to every truss, bolt and nut – to ensure quality, precision and a smooth installation process onsite. All components are pre-cut, partially welded, assembled and pre-plumbed offsite.

Innovez stainless steel pools can be shipped and transported in one finished piece or in partially assembled sections depending on site access and conditions. The sections are transported to site according to a detail construction plan for maximum efficiency.

Depending on the client’s requirements, we can offer full installation services or installation supervision. The stainless steel components are installed and welded onsite accordingly to a detailed construction sequence for minimal onsite downtime.