Innovez Pools are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated stainless steel swimming pool systems, built with the finest precision and the highest standards in quality. Constructed in high-grade, low-carbon 316L stainless steel, Innovez Pools are rugged and highly durable with minimal maintenance needs in the long term. Innovez Pools are modular and fabricated in sections, and fully welded at the joints upon installation for absolute watertightness. This is a superior solution that is guaranteed to offer owners a greater peace of mind.



  • Pre-engineered design provides precision engineering that removes on-site guesswork, reduces the margin of error and costly delays.

  • Pre-fabrication of all stainless steel components at an off-site plant enables a more efficient construction process. When the construction site is ready, the stainless steel pool can be hoisted to site in one single unit or in sections for installation.

  • All section joints and seams are fully welded and rigorously tested to ensure that the stainless steel swimming pools are completely leakproof.

  • Like conventional pools, stainless steel swimming pools can be completed in various finishes, such as tiles or liners.

  • Stainless steel is lighter than conventional building materials and can mitigate loading issues for elevated pool installations.

  • Stainless steel pools are highly durable, corrosion-resistant even in harsh aquatic environments and will never crack.

  • In the long term, stainless steel pools are highly cost effective with minimal maintenance requirements and no need for structural repairs to the pool shell.


Innovez Pools are stainless steel swimming pool systems, which are superior in quality, quicker to build, effortless to maintain and highly cost-effective in the long term.


Innovez stainless steel pools are all custom designed according to the clients’ requirements. Our team works with the architects and consultants to develop initial concepts and provide pricing estimates.

Upon determination of the design concept by the client, we provide a thorough priced proposal which comprises plans for the project’s design, engineering and construction.

Working closely with architects and consultants, our engineers develop detailed CAD shop drawings, troubleshoot potential issues and workshop the best solutions possible – all before commencing onsite.

Fabrication drawings are developed with a high level of detail – down to every truss, bolt and nut – to ensure quality, precision and a smooth installation process onsite. All components are pre-cut, partially welded, assembled and pre-plumbed offsite.

Innovez stainless steel pools can be shipped and transported in one finished piece or in partially assembled sections depending on site access and conditions. The sections are transported to site according to a detail construction plan for maximum efficiency.

Depending on the client’s requirements, we can offer full installation services or installation supervision. The stainless steel components are installed and welded onsite accordingly to a detailed construction sequence for minimal onsite downtime.


Innovez stainless steel pools provide a superior option not just for new builds, but for the renovation of old swimming pools. For existing facilities in particular, there are often challenges with site space constraints, noise management and the extended period of facility closure for the renovation works. These challenges are better managed with Innovez Pools as the pre-fabrication process reduces on-site works and shortens the construction period significantly. This means the facility’s downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.