From an operational or leasing perspective, having an aquatic facility that can accommodate various activities simultaneously is vital. Innovez Bulkheads provide the perfect solution for the creation of multiple programming spaces within one swimming pool. Easily moved, Innovez Bulkheads are essentially moving walls that span the width of the pool. The bulkheads are moved along the length of the swimming pool to divide up pool space for different activities. Fully Fina-compliant, an Innovez Bulkhead is an asset in any pool facility.



Innovez Bulkheads feature a singular, fully-welded stainless steel structure. This provides better rigidity and minimal deflection – the centre of the bulkhead does not sink over time and the sides do not protrude from the tension of the lane ropes.

With its stainless steel construction, Innovez Bulkheads will not crack or peel and requires minimal maintenance in the long-run.

Innovez Bulkheads are designed and built to suit the pool facility, and not the other way around.

The bulkheads are designed to allow water flow-through to maintain good water circulation and reduce wave resistance for an unhindered swimming experience.

Innovez Bulkheads enable optimal programming in the pool facility by allowing different activities to take place simultaneously.

The bulkheads are cladded on the top and sides with slip-resistant PVC grating for better walking and turning surfaces.

The bulkheads can be moved quickly and easily to different positions along the length of the pool.

All Innovez Bulkheads are covered by warranty for a period of 15 years, commencing from the completion of the installation.


Built in stainless steel, Innovez Bulkheads are movable walls that create multiple programming spaces in a swimming pool.


Constructed in high-grade, low-carbon stainless steel, Innovez Bulkheads are highly durable. Utilising an inner box truss stainless steel structure, the bulkhead is rigid with minimal deflection. The exterior top and sides are cladded with non-slip PVC grating for better walking and turning surfaces. The PVC grating also allows water flow-through for better water circulation and reduced wave resistance for swimming.

Covered by a 15-year warranty, Innovez Bulkheads are custom designed and built to the specifications of each facility. This ensures that every Innovez Bulkhead perfectly fits the requirements of each swimming pool. Designed and fabricated in Singapore, Innovez Bulkheads offer the best in quality and cutting-edge technology.