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The Innovez fibreglass filter is a heavy-duty, high-rate filter engineered to the highest standards for strength and operational integrity. The filter shell is manufactured from a high-quality composite laminate, built for maximum long-term performance under the harshest of aquatic environments. Designed with various custom options, Innovez commercial-grade filters can be adapted to provide the optimal fit for every facility. Innovez fibreglass filters are available in various capacities, in both vertical and horizontal configurations, top or side mounts. Durable and effortless to maintain, Innovez fibreglass filters are suitable for large commercial, residential and institutional swimming pools, water features, spa pools and water theme parks. Innovez fibreglass filters come with a one-year warranty on the shell, and ten years on all other parts. Contact us to discuss your requirement.

  • High filtration flow rate
  • Withstands pressure of up to 350kPa
  • UV and corrosion resistant
  • Hydraulically balanced laterals
  • Custom size and configurations to suit requirements
  • Influent manifold distribution to prevent clogging
  • Optional manual / semi-automatic / automatic backwash systems for one or two tank configurations